Ayasha Guerin is a multidisciplinary artist and scholar based between Brooklyn and Berlin. Growing up, she traveled often to visit her family, most of whom lived in Jamaica and Ireland. The colonial histories of island cultures and their diasporas developed as personal and professional interests early on. Ayasha is currently a PhD candidate in NYU's American Studies department, where her academic research explores the socio-ecological relationships of urban-waterfronts through a feminist, decolonial lens. Her dissertation examines entangled constructions of race, nature and value in New York through a series of social histories of the flood zone. The modes and methods of Ayasha’s various workspaces inform one another: archival materials play important roles in her creative practice, and her pedagogy centers creative exploration. As of late, workshops have become her dominant artistic medium, facilitating programs of conversation, reading, drawing, and body movement to explore contemporary entanglement-subjects. Currently she is doing research at the May Ayim and Audre Lorde archives at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and leading workshops to familiarize participants with this important record of trans-national, black feminist thought. A ‘black-lesbian -warrior-poet’ herself, these archives are inspiring and informing the work Ayasha does on paper, in the classroom, and in her communities.